040 Clean Spielender Gainstager

Hier, ohne lange vorrede, die Episode ­čÖé Aufgenommen vor einigen Monden aber aufgrund der allgemein weirden Weltlage etwas l├Ąnger gereift.


00:00:00 Intro

00:00:10 Begr├╝├čung

Ottolenghi Rezepte
Apple MacBook Pro 2021
EytschPi42 – Drum Programming Tutorial (4K Version) – Part 1/3

00:07:05 Nobels ODR-1

Nobels ODR-1
Nobels ODR-mini
Tom Bokuvac – In response to Zac Childs “Tom Bukovac and the Nobels ODR-1 video”
Wampler – The Other Green Overdrive: Nobels ODR-1 & My Tribute To It – Wampler Belle
Nobels Overdrive Shootout
JHS Bonsai
Amp Playthrough | 1987X | Dan Hawkins – The Darkness | Marshall
JAM Pedals Rooster
Benson PreAmp
SoloDallas Schaffer Replica Storm
Xotic EP Booster
T-Rex Moller 1
Hudson Broadcast

00:35:10 SolidGold FX Rosie Fuzz

Solidgold FX Rosie Fuzz
Mythos Pedals Positron Collider

00:45:30 Boss SD-1

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Mod von Michael G├╝nther
Bild von Ludwigs SD-1
Xotic BB Preamp
TC Electronic Spark Booster
Boss BD-2w Blues Driver
TPS – Boss Super Overdrive Or Ibanez Tube Screamer? [In Your Band]
Keeley Filaments
Boss GE-7 EQ-Pedal
Wampler – 6 ways to use an EQ pedal for better tone, & Fender Hot Rod amp tips

01:09:40 Line6 HX Stomp

Line 6 HX Stomp vs. BluGuitar Amp1

01:20:45 Setup f├╝r die K├╝che

Laney Cup 12
Digitech Trio+ Band Creator
Joyo DC-15S
Boss Katana
tc electronic Ditto + Looper
Boss RC-1
Yamaha THR10II
Laney Supergroup LA30BL
Laney LA412 Box

01:38:21 Marshall Origin 20

Marshall Origin 20H Head
Marshall 1959 HW
Fryette Power Station 100
Tone King Ironman II Attenuator
Marshall Vintage Modern

01:58:31 Ludwigs Strats

Seymour Duncan SAPST-1 Twang Banger Single-Coil
Ludwig verkauft seine H├Âfner Shorty
Fender Squier FSR Bullet Strat HT HSS IL 2-Color Sunburst
Squier Japan-Strat auf Reverb.com
Formel 1 Fernsehserie

02:14:35 Gig Bags

Reunion Blues Gig Bags
mono Gig Bags
Thomann SafeCase 80 E-Guitar Bag

02:24:05 Ausklang

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